Day 4 #NightOwlFitness extra late edition... 

Day 2 of Foundation workout. These arm exercises looked easy but now my arms are sore and I feel foolishly weak.

Well Day 3 of is now Day 1 of Foundations. Starting small so I'm doing level 1. Join along if you are interested. I got this plan from Darebee. There is also an even easier one called Foundation Lite if you need.

Man I cannot keep up with Twitter and Mastodon. Great conversations happening on both!

Pro tip: content warning doesn't hide account names if that's why you are using content warning

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Best product ever made. I regret nothing. I've owned for over 6 years still looks and works new and if it died immediately following this toot I'd buy it again full price before my tears we're dry. Where my tea drinkers at?

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