It happening. It going to be called "lower decks" I'm pretty excited about it.

Greetings Alabamians I'm visiting for a few days. Just got back from BHM Legion game. It was great! Any good tea/coffee places around Trussville/Springville area?

Finances limit hardware and subscription services but free services/social (especially tools that would help at work) eat up my time.

My degree is in Digital Media. I'm the tech/social/marketing guy at my job. Also a gamer and overall early adopter. πŸ˜‘ minimalism for me would probably mean something different but yeah I could use it.

When you are done let me know how it goes... That is, if you decide to come back. I'd love to pick your brain to try it myself.

Hair, gender expression 

It is sooooo hard to find styles for Long hair for men. It's like oh your a man you probably have/want to let it grow wild lion mane hair or man-bun. No hate on those two but let's be more creative.

Any recommendations for non-profits to donate hair? Male, some gray. I see most places start accepting at 8-12 inches. I'm at 8-ish. I don't mind going to the scalp if that gets more hair. Right now I'm leaning towards "hair we share"

Don't feel guilty about taking care of yourself. enjoy your family and some peace if you can.

It's like "My whole life has guided me to this moment and I aced it." Props to you!

Waffles all day. I'm also cool with griddle cakes or flapjacks.

So glad to hear. Yesterday was peak terrible for us πŸ˜‘ extended into the evening. Woke up feel like everyone is in a funk from yesterday but things are lightening up. We had a family dance party to shake off the negativity.

My son says ick to any food he doesn't like even if it's on someone else's plate at the other end of the table. I'm like...

I kinda feel like the same for ally. Someone asked me if I was an ally at an inclusive worship event and I feel like that's a title you have to earn from someone that feels supported by you. I didn't want to say no as in " I don't support you" but I also didn't feel comfortable saying yes because I haven't done anything to earn it.

I never post their face and often not even their whole body. Normally just feet or hands.

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