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“To live by grace means to acknowledge my whole life story, the light side and the dark. In admitting my shadow side I learn who I am and what God's grace means.”
― Brennan Manning

The most recent episode of NPR's Us & Them is called "Black Talk" is an eye-opening episode about "the talk" that black parents often have with their child about how to act and what to do if they every get pulled over by the police.

My heart breaks for a world in which we know this is a necessary conversation for black parents.

Pardon my lack of self-control, but holy shit y'all, J.S. Ondara is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

recommendation: Failed Missionary. It's an honest and raw look at how mission work often fails both those who serve and those to whom they are "called" to serve.

I just realized I don't own a single book written by Richard Rohr. Anyone want to help remedy that?

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The House killed the bill, so the strike was successful. Still no pay raise or health care fix, but the other issues that plagued this bill are no longer a problem. Thank you to those who commented to show your support.

@WolfDreamer Red for ed! So proud of them, you, and all other teachers across the nation right now. Standing in solidarity all the way from Colorado and feeling the discouragement of heart equally as much, but loving how much momentum and movement is happening across the nation with each protest and strike that’s happening. It takes time to see change, but I think this is far more than the beginning. Stay strong, friend!

Everyone’s level of socialization may vary but as social creatures it’s good for our hearts(literally & figuratively) to find & occasionally stretch our social skills.

The public school teachers in my state are officially going on strike tomorrow. I'm a public school teacher, but I am not striking because I teach for a program in which students take university courses, so we partner with the university. If they're having classes, we're having classes.

It's getting quite volatile here. Our most influential politicians are very self-serving but very good at making it look like they have our state's best interests in mind. It's discouraging.

Just finished listening to the most recent episode of the Freedom Road podcast. Lisa Sharon Harper interviews Civil Rights Movement veteran Ruby Nell Sales. I not only felt like I was schooled, I felt like I was taken to church! Some very powerful, inspiring, and hopeful lessons discussed by these two.

"When the religious views of others interpose between us and the primary experience of Jesus as the Christ, we become unconvicted and unpersuasive travel agents handing out brochures to places we have never visited." -- Brennan Manning

For those of you who were raised Christian, what are some worship songs you now realize are theologically bizarre and/or indoctrinating? Are there any songs that you still find meaning in?

The more I listen to William Matthews' "In The Grey" the more certain I am that it is my heart's cry for 2019.

"Onward I will go
Spirit lead me home
To the highest place
There's no looking back
I'm taking all I have
To the highest place..."

One of the most impactful things I have learned during my faith journey is a simple prayer and meditation from Brennan Manning: "Abba, I belong to you."

Inhale: "Abba"
Exhale: "I belong to you."


Two women who were detained and asked to show identification after speaking Spanish in a convenience store in Montana are suing U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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