Sleeping at last's new song on Enneagram type 9 is beautiful!
'to know and love ourselves and others well
is the most difficult and meaningful
work we’ll ever do.'

Absolute love and pure beauty.

@WolfDreamer I'll admit, when I first heard the type 4 and 5 songs, I disliked them. But I've made a habit of giving music like that time and coming back to it (I did the same with Bon Iver's 22 a Million, awesome album) and they've really grown on me!

I think the fact I identify with those types made me more critical, and since they were more fluid, non-standard formed songs (not verse pre-chorus chorus etc) made me a bit averse.

Do you have a favourite from Atlas Year 2?


@sjcw I don't know if I could pick a "favorite," but there are several songs that caused genuine emotional reactions the first time I listened to them: "Heart," "Two," "Three" (I test most strongly as a 2w3), "Seven," "Six" (I've also tested as 7w6). I also like all of the senses songs, especially "Sight."

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