I'll try to ask this without sounding like a fool. I'm realizing my entertainment choices (books, movies, music, TV, etc.) have been very... white. What are your recommendations for more diverse choices?

@WolfDreamer N. K. Jemisin for really amazing fantasy/sci-fi books!!!!!!!!!

i think i recommend her to someone like every week haha

@riayngrey @WolfDreamer I need something to rescue me from a re-read of A Song of Ice and Fire. Any particular series you’d recommend?

@Stee @WolfDreamer hahahah hm they are all so good! i read the broken earth trilogy first and my mind was blown. the first book starts out kinda disjointed and is a little hard to follow. which i like!!!!

but the inheritance trilogy is much easier to get sucked into right away so if you need saving, that might be the way to go haha. this trilogy is about god stuff, really interesting.

@gabi Pretty much anything except gangster rap, death metal, and pop country.

@WolfDreamer ok! Well, some of my fav POC artists recently have been Lizzo (RnB/hiphop/pop, just released a new album) and Amine (rap, but not gangster, just released a new single). I also feel obligated to tell everyone about BTS lol 😂 they are a korean pop boy band, which to most people sounds off-putting, but their music, choreography, and videos are unique and amazing!! They even presented at the Grammy's this year, they're super inspiring to me. Those are some of my recs!!

@WolfDreamer oh! And solange's most recent album was amazing and very important for white people to hear, I think. Hope that helps!

@WolfDreamer OH WAIT two more: Khalid and H.E.R. H.E.R. is a relatively new artist she won the grammy for best RnB album this year and WELL deserved it. SO good!!

@gabi I really like Khalid (although I am getting a little tired of "Talk" even though it's a great song).

@WolfDreamer hahaha omg I feel that. I think my fav song of his is Location, but I also love the song he and HER did together - "this way." so good!!

@gabi Didn't Amine have a song on the Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse soundtrack? I love that movie, and the soundtrack was amazing. And yeah, I heard Solange's new album shortly after it dropped after William Matthews and JGivens recommended it.

@WolfDreamer yes he did! if you haven't watched any of his music videos, I would. They're very clever

@gabi Thank you so much for your recommendations. Keep them coming!

@WolfDreamer @gabi some more POC musicians to add to this list (genres and decades are all over the place 😊)

Nilüfer Yana, Jamila Woods, Chicano Batman, Ramona, Y La Bamba, Khalid, Anderson. Paak, Adia Victoria, Kikagaku Moyo, Rosalía, The Internet, Minnie Riperton, Solange, Tyler the Creator, Christelle Bofale, Frank Ocean, Nitty Scott, OSHUN, The Chambers Brothers, Funkadelic, Childish Gambino, Le Butcherettes, Bells Altas, Seratones, Mayra Andrade, Maria Bethânia...

@riayngrey @gabi Thank you so much! I also dig some of the "throwback" artists like Gary Clark, Jr. (blues/rock) and Leon Bridges.

@WolfDreamer @gabi yes!!! been really trying to educate myself about early psychedelic soul/r&b. it’s so good. lately been dipping my toes into jazz too. i ran out of characters before, haha i could keep going: Sly & The Family Stone, The Isley Brothers, Curtis Mayfield (a bunch of his songs were remastered this year they sound great!), Sun Ra, Swamp Dogg, Parliament, Shuggie Otis

@WolfDreamer spot on for all the suggestions so far - wondering what types of books you prefer ?

@Daryn Mostly fiction, but I also read some nonfiction, especially memoirs.

@WolfDreamer I’ll just list some amazing authors then: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Octavia A Butler, Jhumpa Lahiri, Chinua Achebe, Oyinkan Braithwaite Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

@Daryn Thank you for these. I'm almost finished with Between the World and Me (Coates); it is so honest and painful, but necessary.

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