Haven't used Mastodon for soooo long.. Seems to have grown quiet. Perhaps I just don't know/never figured out how to use it properly though??

Seriously though, as much as I like the Enneagram discussions and such.. One of the reasons that I also like the Liturgists podcast is the light heartedness that sometimes exists between @mike and @vishnu. I mean, I identify with what they both tend to laugh at.. and usually laugh along with them. Is there anyone else who has gone through deconstruction, but feels a bit like they came out on the other side, a much more light-hearted, (and honest) version of themselves??

As I read through all of these super deep and meaningful posts about things like faith deconstruction and the discussion today around .. I'm a little concerned that I may be the only person who joined Mastodon hoping to discuss somewhat lighter/less heady topics... my collection of dance moves for example. <- (that's a joke)

Confession: I've never gone to a Gungor show.. Now, knowing that the brand is ending, and this is the farewell tour.. I really feel the need to catch one of these shows. Any other PDX'ers on here and planning to go to the Portland show??

Hello all, I'm Aaron from Portland, Oregon. I'm a musician and I work in music/artist management and promotion also. I'm a listener to various podcasts including the liturgists. I'm a former worship leader and church go-er, so I identify with a lot of the stuff talked about on the podcast. These days, I don't do much church or identify much with that world at all.. though I still have an appreciation for people who are seeking. Looking forward to chatting with you all

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