Hello all, I'm Aaron from Portland, Oregon. I'm a musician and I work in music/artist management and promotion also. I'm a listener to various podcasts including the liturgists. I'm a former worship leader and church go-er, so I identify with a lot of the stuff talked about on the podcast. These days, I don't do much church or identify much with that world at all.. though I still have an appreciation for people who are seeking. Looking forward to chatting with you all

@aaron_lamere welcome! Another pseudo-musician here, just across the Columbia from you. What kind of music do you do?

@bobt Hey Bobt! I play American rock n' roll in the vain of Tom Petty, or Ryan Adams, or maybe Wilco or Kurt Vile. I also represent a number of musicians and work a lot with Gabriel Wilson.. who is a somewhat known producer of Christian/worship music. (He's made records with Bethel Music, John Mark McMillan, and Martin Smith among others) Also, I actually live in Vancouver.. but most people think "Canadian" if I list that. ha! What kind of music do you play? whatcha up to musically?

@aaron_lamere sounds like fun! Yep, I usually say PDX too since folks outside the area assume I'm Canadian! For true locals, I'm snowed in at home in Washougal right now.

Musically, pretty amateur right now. Still play worship at a CMA church (East Park on NE 18th), mix of electric/acoustic/bass and run sound, so in the P&W musical rut (though I try to sneak in some other influences when they aren't paying attention). Not who I am musically, but keeps some of the dust off!

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