Seriously though, as much as I like the Enneagram discussions and such.. One of the reasons that I also like the Liturgists podcast is the light heartedness that sometimes exists between @mike and @vishnu. I mean, I identify with what they both tend to laugh at.. and usually laugh along with them. Is there anyone else who has gone through deconstruction, but feels a bit like they came out on the other side, a much more light-hearted, (and honest) version of themselves??

@aaron_lamere @mike @vishnu
Totally! Deconstructing my faith was the best thing that happened to me since I found Jesus. I had no idea how toxic Christianity was to -who I am -until I gave it up. I can certainly laugh easier now, not only at myself, but with others. I always felt so guilty for having fun when I was deep in the church, I mean, I was supposed to be doing the Lords work, not out having a good time.

@Craig @mike @vishnu See.. this makes sense to me, big time. Even the phrase "doing the Lord's work" kind of makes me smile a bit.. Now that I'm not burdened by all of that... the world is a lot lighter, and there is more laughter, etc. Kudos.

@aaron_lamere yep yep yep 💗. I sometimes wonder if I’ve deconstructed too much....even though I’ve reconstructed? And sometimes it feels like a back and forth? also, CW “deconstruction” next time though for peeps that don’t wanna hear/be triggered by our “reconstruction” chatter 😘.

@aaron_lamere Goofiness is Divine. I always think of the monks in Avatar the Last Airbender (or Love Guru) playing practical jokes and not taking anything too seriously. DEFINITELY an amazing thing, I think.

@aaron_lamere @mike @vishnu always. I try to remember that lightness when I’m really deep in it. ❤️

@aaron_lamere @mike @vishnu Yes yes and more yes. I feel so very much lighter, like I’ve released a massive weight. I no longer need to be RIGHT about everything! I don’t HAVE to have all the answers! It’s such a freedom to walk in. I don’t even have the right language to describe it. It’s beautiful.

Exactly.. I love this description! Couldn't have said it better myself. :)

@aaron_lamere @mike @vishnu yes it feels so good now to explore and hold things lightly. Things are funny that used to be threatening. I feel like there’s a world of humor that opened up.

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