Haven't used Mastodon for soooo long.. Seems to have grown quiet. Perhaps I just don't know/never figured out how to use it properly though??

@adamewoods I'm definitely an entrepreneur and have been a part of a few startups, now running/owning my own biz.

@Ricci @drew @Birdie

Pretty sure, if I ever tried interpretive dance.. = "bad". πŸ˜‚ Once my mom showed me an interpretive dance that she was performing at her church the next Sunday morning. It was a dance to "I can only imagine" aaaaaand... I wish I had video. It was A LOT like watching an episode of Portlandia... every time he said "to my knees I fall" she fell to her knees. PERFECTION. Still, she does enjoy it and more power to her for finding something she enjoys right!?!!

Pour Advice / Alcohol 

@drew @Birdie Whoa! really cool!!! Full disclosure, life got busy and it's been a month or so since I've been on mastodon.. Love this! and, heck yeah.. let's start a kickstarter. LOL!

Alcohol + YouTube 

@Birdie @drew Here is one that has come about today due to the news on Robert Kraft/Patriots owner. Why is prostitution illegal, but porn is totally legal? So, if you pay someone and then do it in private = illegal.. but if you pay someone, and film it for the whole worlds to see = LEGAL. ?!?

Alcohol + YouTube 

@Birdie @drew Woo!! I have finally found an avenue for all of the questions I have... You guys have no idea what you have committed to! haha!

Alcohol + YouTube 

@drew @Birdie this is a GREAT idea for a channel! I'd bet that I can think of 100's of questions.
1. How do you tell a family member that they aren't good at the hobby they've chosen? For example, my mom LOVES to do interpretive dance.
2. How do you tell a friend who loves to cook for you, that they aren't good at cooking??
3. How do you tell the person in the office who shares your cubicle wall that they TYPE way, way too loudly/hard?!?

etc. etc. etc.


@eldon Every time I take the test.. I'm either a 1.. or a 5.. Seriously, seems to change depending on my mood. I'd be VERY surprised if others didn't report back the same sort of thing..

@vishnu that thing is amaaaazing! If I were in LA, would grab that in a heartbeat.. What size is it? 22"?

Russian doll (spoilers possible) 

@audreyassad Watched the whole thing in a couple days with my wife when we had some snow days here! I personally LOVED it. So weird! So unexpected at times!! Was sad when we finished the last episode.

@audreyassad Pretty sure that this is the PERFECT place for that!! πŸ‘ My .02.

@kelseyv64 @nathanc Great recommendations. Portland is a great place if you are into food and beer. I'd recommend Pips doughnuts over both Blue Star and Voodoo. (though voodoo is the more touristy haunt). Pips is legit "PDX". You can spend 2 straight days eating and drinking on Alberta and Mississippi ave alone in my opinion...

@Leah I'm a proponent of legalization and an occasional user. I think it can be consumed responsibly just like wine or beer. I agree that it can help deal with anxiety, help with sleep, etc. I've never used it for any medical purpose so I can't speak to that personally... My understanding is, if you are going to join a 'jam band', it's pretty much a requirement... so, there's that.. πŸ˜‚

Lies You don't Believe anymore? 

@Harrison Interesting(loaded!) question. For me, I found a real freedom in admitting that I couldn't believe the idea of a God who had a 'chosen people'. This is a big one for Christians in the US sometimes.. I love the idea of grace and love and compassion, but I outright hate the idea of a God who somehow favors 'Israel'/ the offspring of a particular person or family.

@loridevon tons of respect for that Lori. I wish sometimes that I could work in a church environment but, alas.. it doesn't really work for me. Love that it does for other people though.. and I still visit from time to time and try my best not to hate on it just because it doesn't work for me/my personality. In a general sense, I try to be respectful and appreciative for anyone who is 'searching'. I'm still searching myself, for certain.

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