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There is no such thing as “the data.” There’s data about you, which you should own and control and data about the world, which should belong to us all.

You have no more a right to my data to use for the common good than you do to my kidney to save a life. That decision is mine.

(Via this Le Grand Barouf discussion on birdsite: mobile.twitter.com/aral/status)

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Folks building “sell your own data” platforms are not your friends. Ask them how they make money.

Hint: they take a cut.

They’re basically digital pimps.

You are not what you have.
You are not what you do.
You are not what others think of you. (Henri Nouwen)

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Today I found out about David Moore's mycology website, which not only has a lot of neat information about fungi, but also "the most complete and fully illustrated online catalogue of stamps and postal labels featuring fungi"!

I legitimately love this.

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😂. I'm going to be vegan for the next two months. Hell of a time to decide to come into the orthodox church.

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Does anyone have any sources for meditation? I'm open to anything.

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I'm struggling with something.

Non-dualist ideology / theology is beautiful and preferable to me compared to typical evangelical dualism.

However, I am struggling to see a need for God in a non-dualist worldview. It feels like the divine is unnecessary and kind of "pasted on top" out of a desire to keep a concept of God in the universe.

Does anyone have suggestions for how you have dealt with this concern?

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Hey! I'm Sam and currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I work as a mechanical engineer and I am an enneagram 2w1 [ENFJ]. I grew up Catholic before becoming a Pentecostal Christian in my teens after going through a painful season. I served at my old church in youth leadership capacities for years before the start of my deconstruction. Articulating my deconstruction is such a difficult, emotional and complex process I am having to actually write the detail down before sharing it.

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So, I just heard of Tony Jones for the first time yesterday. I'm struggling a lot with what to make of the allegations with his wife years ago, and the fact that some of our beloved progressive leaders like Rachel Held Evans and Nadia Bolz-Weber stood with him and not the victim in that time. And haven't recanted, from what I've seen(?). Does anyone know any more about this and have useful insight? I'm struggling with this.

(4)...should not ask that of you. You do have to sit with grief and you do have the right to feel that pain. Hopefully, we all eventually get to feel more of the light-hearted parts of existence but if that's not happening for you right now, there's nothing "wrong" with you. Your experience is as necessary for the community as the playfulness of children and the peaceful quiet of rest. Maybe you're a "prophet" telling people "Hey, there's a problem and it's terrible and sad. We can't ignore it."

(3) ...grieving was a regular part of the individual and group experience. I think there's a tendency to want to speed the grief process, or pressure from ourselves or external sources to get to the strong and happy mindset that we expect of a healthy American (not sure how much this applies to other cultures.) To be clear, depression is not a place I want anyone to feel stuck in. But for those who feel like they are asked to ignore their pain...both clinical wisdom and religious tradition...

(2) I see a lot of people in the Liturgists instance talking about how their religious communities ignored grief, neglected grieving members, and caused terrible grief but did not listen to people who were hurt. I suggest that this is a short-coming of a particular cultural setting. You might say "wealthy Western capitalistic society" or something similar. But as I look historically at writings by the "church mothers and fathers" and at community practice in Christianity and Judaism...

Been thinking about the places in religion that make room for grief. The Christian tradition includes "Tenebrae" (Latin for darkness/shadows) and is often observed in a service (Maundy Thursday) in which everything is covered in black cloth and which ends in silence and darkness. Both Judaism and Christianity engage with texts describing the grief and mourning of ancient Hebrew prophets. It's not dainty weeping; it's gut-wrenching sobs and bitterness and misery. (1)

Went to Refuge Recovery meeting for the first time. This resource was created in the 80s by a person who experienced addiction and is non-addiction-specific and based on Buddhist thought. Those who are uncomfortable with the deist leanings of AA or are looking for another type of approach and community for support may find Refuge Recovery to be helpful. More info at refugerecovery.org and my personal recommendation for Buddhist thought as helpful. Peace to you, lovely people.

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friend zone. a zone filled with friends. i would love to go to there

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:: tap, tap ... um, is this thing on? ::

Hi, I'm Katie! I'm a 6w5 yoga instructor with a PhD in Social Psychology. I have been on an arduous yet beautiful deconstruction/reconstruction journey since 2016.

This platform is 1000% overwhelming for me, but I want to press into this space & this community! All of the tips are welcome!


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I have a great passion for social justice and building better communities. I became an elder at a small evangelical church after many like minded friends left. I have a great desire to figure out how to build pluralistic Christian communities where people can start anywhere and feel free to question and grow.

Incomplete labels: Cis, Married, new dad, mystic, 5w4, musician, producer, audio engineer, tabletop gamer, public policy nerd, amateur/wannabe economist

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Hi Liturgists!! Michael just gave me a little turtorial, but I still don’t fully understand this app. But I’m here, hi.

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