@vishnu do you mix your own beats on your podcast? I'd love to just have a compilation of all of them to listen to separately. Sometimes I have trouble focusing on what you're talking about because I'm getting into the background music. (That's a good thing btw)

Is there anyone interested in buying a ticket to the Gungor/Brilliance/Propaganda show in Dallas on Sat. March 2? I have an extra GA ticket and would love to sell it for face value ($30.50)

For those interested and following my Bible translation project, we are 73% funded!!!! WE ARE SO CLOSE!!! 🎉❤️👏🏻 Here’s the link to pledge and get more information: kickstarter.com/projects/19455

Also I promise I won’t self promote after this Kickstarter is over. Thank you for your grace!!! 😊

@Bonnie is the creator and I know she'd appreciate any support that can be given right now!

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For the two people that interacted with the previous post, I apologize. The link posted incorrectly twice and it's now fixed!

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A member of the Liturgists Community on Facebook has about 12 hours to go on her Kickstarter project (more than 80% funded currently), an idiomatic translation of multiple Bible stories. It's pretty awesome and I'm sure there are some people here that would think it's pretty cool too!


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