Remembering my wonderful dad, gone these 27 years, as always, with the help of Tracy Chapman:

“If you think of me
If you miss me once in a while
Then I'll return to you
I'll return and fill that space in your heart”

Just polished off my first BLT of 2019.



V interesting piece in the May 27 New Yorker about growing up evangelical in Houston and seeing behind the curtain.

Three black transwomen were murdered this weekend. The life expectancy for a black transwoman in the USA is 31. I urge you to seek out ways to stand up for black transwomen in ways that are bigger and better and costlier and more human than posts like this on social media. :trans_heart:

This is just a little toot to say that here in Philly we turned our online into an IRL and every time we get together it is so magical and healing. 🥰

Happy Easter because fuck suffering amirite? Christ is risen, especially if you doubt his existence, especially if you think his path is the shittiest one, especially if you want to dear down his cathedrals as you smash the patriarchy. 💛

Reading “The Universal Christ” this Holy Saturday and seeing clearly that Christ’s resurrection restores the suffering of the world. It does not—as I was taught—redeem the sins of man. (Hamlet: “how weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable!”)

I’m priveleged that shedding evangelical thinking came so easy to young me and that as I totter into middle age I can wade back into spiritual thinking without trauma.

The last decade has been a Holy Saturday for me—now I’m ready to resurrect.

Recounting when 20-year-old me iconoclastically refused to kiss THE crown of thorns in Notre Dame de Paris because it was covered in gold.

Richard Rohr is making a very solid attempt to reel me back into the faith.

I keep hearing about these Liturgist meditations but I can’t find them. Can someone pretend I’m five years old and point me to them?

Trans and Non-Binary folx are heroes today and everyday ⁠ ⁠

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Forgot this song existed for a decade or so. BRB gettin’ slain in the spirit:

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