Hi I want an all female episode of the liturgists talking about internalized misogyny, instituitionalized misogyny, and misogynistic teachings in the church (body shame, sexual shame, male gaze, modesty)

Dear humans, I would like to propose an unlabeled two week addition to the calendar where nothing is allowed to be scheduled. Thank you for your consideration.

Any Liturgists in the Pasadena, CA area have the hook-up on a decent place for a very kind, loving family of 4 (3 adults, 1 teenager) to stay for a few weeks? I'm looking around at extended stay places + stuff like that, but figured I should ask here just in case.

(Additional details: They're currently at an AirBnB that's $100/night, but that price isn't sustainable for them longer-term while they try to get an apartment, so they'd like to find something more affordable)

Happy International Womens Day to all the gamer girls out there! I loved this pic that Sony put out there today and thought I'd share.

Yes I cried when showed the pictures from stonewall and Pride flag. Thank you for that @vishnu it helped my heart to see a room full of good people. We’ll be free :heart_pride:

The tour was so good for my soul. Just wanted to keep shouting “Thank you!” to everyone on stage as it wrapped up tonight, but there was no voice to do so - I guess a toot will do?

For anyone who follows the "End of the World Tour" playlist I made on Spotify (I think there were like 3 of you) - I added the "Archives" album to the list. Here's the link to the playlist in case you want to follow! -> open.spotify.com/playlist/3Z43

Just released the Gungor “Archives” on Apple Music. (Other stores will follow soon.) 33 songs. Clean slate baby!

Been listening to a lot of Propaganda last few weeks as I’m looking forward to The End of the World tour. This lyric especially resonated with me.

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