I am often asked how an act of freewill can be invoked within the endless chains of physical cause and effect. But at quantum level we have events with no discernable cause. If such events were random, this would produce instability at the molecular level, which indicates that such events must have a cause which is beyond physical detection. Could this be the gateway for spiritually driven intelligent interaction and manipulation within the material universe?

I believe the human soul exists and acts in its own time dimension which is what we perceive as the present. It is difficult to define the present in any material sense because there is no definitive present within chains of physical material reactions. Our present is defined by our conscious awareness, which is aware of past events, but not controlled by them. We are influenced by the past, but not driven by it. Self awareness and freewill are spiritual properties of the present.

Fifty years I had a eureka experience when I realised that my freedom to make conscious choices could never have a physical explanation, because such an explanation would render my apparent choice to be just an inevitable reaction to past events. My experience on "God discussion" web forums has not changed this deduction.

Atheists argument is that our apparent choices are predetermined by subconscious brain activity before we become aware of them, and our perception of choice is just the way it seems. This does not reflect the reality I live in. (see Searching for God thread on this forum - religionethics.co.uk/ )

We are all spiritual beings with spiritual needs and the freedom to choose our own destiny - A freedom which can't be derived from the emergent property of physically predefined reactions in material elements, but which comes from the spiritual will of our human soul.

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