Id be really curious to hear Pete Enns and Vishnu Dass have a convo comparing their worldviews.

Pondering doing the Whole30 diet. Thoughts? Experiences?

Age of Empires players:
Microsoft wants to hear what you love and dislike about their AOE games. (AOE2 fanboy here)
I liked the questions.


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I’ve been a sobbing mess all day as I’ve flown across the country. This is a loss that hurts.

I keep thinking, what will we do without her?

‘God’, as a being capable of love still feels possible, true to me sometimes.. yet it is so weird to feel like i have started to mourn the potential loss of a God of love.. does anyone currently find themselves there?

Anyone on here play Age of Empires 2?

My most recent paintings seem to have been born out of a waiting, a frustration, a veiled silence. It feels like God fills the earth like the atoms, but it is shrouded. I don’t know much personally about what makes God “God”, but I’d love to see their “light”.

What do you see?

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