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r/the_donald just got quarantined by reddit for promoting violent speech. I fear that this is just the beginning of an argument over social media that will go very poorly.

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Has anyone messed with the occult at all? I love the aesthetic (4 wing showing) and secrecy but can't get my head around the practice or vast libraries of info.

One of my oboe students performed a solo for a judge today. The solo was all about making creative decisions and taking liberties with the sheet music. Slow down in places, speed up in others. Don’t follow a straight steady beat.

The judge gave my student criticism for ignoring steady beat and taking liberties with the sheet music. Idk what to say other than I’m very proud of my student.

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I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post something like this. I was wondering if this community has some ideas on how to make my computer faster. I’m a single dad with little to no budget and most of the money I make goes to pay child support. I’m trying to make extra money doing graphic design on the side so I can get myself through school but my computer is terribly slow.

Any ideas?

@yellowasthesunshine I saw your bio and I just wanted to say that the Rocky Mountain National Park is amazing. My wife and I went to Denver for our honeymoon and it was a great experience.

@mike Saw your “So long!” Facebook post, and all I could think of was God’s Final Message to His Creation.

I first heard their music as a camp counselor (“You Have Me”). A couple years later I was a middle school band leader at camp and rearranged “Crags and Clay” for our band. The theme of the camp that summer was “Chosen”, and we felt the song was perfect to help middle schoolers see that every one (and thing) is worthy of unconditional love. We hoped that we’d inspire them to love others, and to know that they were ‘chosen’ to unconditionally love others. Thank you Gungor!

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Eh: you should install solar panels to prevent global warming.

Oh!: You should install solar panels because your electricity will become effectively free.

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We lIve in a capitalist financialized world but idealistic environmentalist don't often use capitalist arguments even though the arguments are really good.

Eh: you should serve vegetarian food because it's good fit the environment.
Oh!: You should serve vegetarian food because you'll increase your marketshare and make more profit per plate because vegetables are much cheaper than meat.

Anyone here ever tried to use “the Force” to help explain concepts of God or the Divine? In the past, I’ve gotten into some philosophical and religious discussions with my friends that have turned to strange and interesting places.

I’m Anthony. I’m a music teacher from Central Florida. I teach elementary music, woodwind instruments, drum set and rock band.

I’m married with two awesome pups. I grew up Catholic and still am, kinda, sorta, think. Spent a few years in college (UM - Miami) working at the awesome Warren W Willis Camp. Nice to meet you all

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