Anyone here ever tried to use “the Force” to help explain concepts of God or the Divine? In the past, I’ve gotten into some philosophical and religious discussions with my friends that have turned to strange and interesting places.

@alawmandese I've definitely thought about that :) I think Paul Tillich's "Ground of Being" is somewhat along those lines!

@alawmandese I usually avoid it since it can get away from you quickly with people making Chewbacca jokes and the like 😂

BUT, Richard Rohr and countless others talk about how living a full life (finding salvation) means living within the Divine Flow. If that's not the Force, I don't know what is. Without the special Jedi powers, anyway.

@alawmandese oh- yes. I’m a big Star Wars fan and definitely relate the two as well. I sometimes call my meditative encounters with the Holy Spirit my “Jedi time.”

@alawmandese I do this more often than not - the Force = the light/life inside us all

@alawmandese I saw this at B&N a couple weeks ago -- alas, I haven't picked it up. But maybe you're interested!

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