One of my oboe students performed a solo for a judge today. The solo was all about making creative decisions and taking liberties with the sheet music. Slow down in places, speed up in others. Don’t follow a straight steady beat.

The judge gave my student criticism for ignoring steady beat and taking liberties with the sheet music. Idk what to say other than I’m very proud of my student.

@alawmandese why do judged hate creativity?

Worked with a speech kid and a judge at state gave him a low score because she “hated fairy tale adaptations”.


@Shoshana that’s really inappropriate and frustrating.

If I’m being as charitable as I can, this judge probably never heard the solo or knew it, and didn’t get a good look at the contents of the solo.

@alawmandese *judges 😂

But I guess we’re all guilty of not analyzing our reactions to something from time to time. If we all took an extra 10 seconds to do that the world would be a better place. ❤️

@alawmandese Heh. I'm just finishing editing for my podcast interview with a clarinetist auditioning for orchestras. He'd probably appreciate this Toot.

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