politics and social media 

r/the_donald just got quarantined by reddit for promoting violent speech. I fear that this is just the beginning of an argument over social media that will go very poorly.

@danielmrose this was my favorite part of going to games as a student. The experience is not as good when watching on tv.

Pour Advice / Alcohol 

@drew It was a great episode! Given how scrawny I am idk about beating people up, but now I need to find a karaoke bar!

I will report back when I find the right song.

Pour Advice / Alcohol 

@drew this is awesome! Will watch this when I get home!

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Has anyone messed with the occult at all? I love the aesthetic (4 wing showing) and secrecy but can't get my head around the practice or vast libraries of info.

@centurion I was that kid that wanted to be edgy and didn’t think too much about it.

There’s some untapped spirituality (when not being done tongue in cheek) in rituals like that.

@centurion other than that time we make a sacrifice to Poseidon, I’ve got nothing.

Language and church stuff: 

@centurion I love you, man.

Alcohol + YouTube 

@drew @Birdie how do I find “my song”? I’m looking for some tips and tricks to find that one special song and then lock it down so no one steals it from me.

Problematic Hymns 

@mattlaff @clark this times 1000. I typically will go in and out of humming and singing. Most recent example for me was “Reckless Love”. I’m good until the song gets to “I don’t deserve it.”

Maybe it’s my ego, I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but to me why would God’s beautiful creation be undeserving of its love? Idk just bites me the wrong way in a similar fashion to PSA.

@rocketbarn @mike thank you, friend! I’ve played a few games and gotten to winter time before things go sideways. It’s usually the hunting excursions that get me. Lol


@danielmrose second time I saw it I cried when Chirrut and Baze died. That whole scene messed me up.

@Eltee C&H has been my favorite comic since I was about 8. So thoughtful and timeless.

@rocketbarn @mike I finally got today and I’m still processing how complicated this game is. This looks crazy but also really interesting.

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