politics and social media 

@danielmrose this was my favorite part of going to games as a student. The experience is not as good when watching on tv.

Pour Advice / Alcohol 

Pour Advice / Alcohol 

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Has anyone messed with the occult at all? I love the aesthetic (4 wing showing) and secrecy but can't get my head around the practice or vast libraries of info.

@centurion I was that kid that wanted to be edgy and didn’t think too much about it.

There’s some untapped spirituality (when not being done tongue in cheek) in rituals like that.

@centurion other than that time we make a sacrifice to Poseidon, I’ve got nothing.

Language and church stuff: 

Alcohol + YouTube 

Problematic Hymns 

@rocketbarn @mike thank you, friend! I’ve played a few games and gotten to winter time before things go sideways. It’s usually the hunting excursions that get me. Lol


@Eltee C&H has been my favorite comic since I was about 8. So thoughtful and timeless.

@rocketbarn @mike I finally got today and I’m still processing how complicated this game is. This looks crazy but also really interesting.

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