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We will sob. We will ache. We will be overcome with grief & sadness.

We will also remember. We will savor her words & voice left to us & this world. Perhaps most importantly, we will keep a piece of her alive within us forever.

@mike, this last year for me has been one of excruciating loss. There are days I feel my chest may collapse within me & I will breathe my last. Today is another such day.

I know it's cheesy & nerdy, but I hope this image will be of value to you & others. πŸ’™ πŸ™

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I'm a tad private and preferring to avoid the federated instances. 😬 If you're on instance, let's follow each other on this journey!
❀️ 🍌 🐐

You can find my introduction here as a follower-only 'toot':

😊 πŸ’ž

Discourse is more intuitive and familiar to most used when compared to other platforms such as Slack. However, you maybe still wish to check out this handy tutorial:

Mike's dream is to create an online community that isΒ 1. controlled by The Liturgists (to protect your data),Β 2. easy to use, 3. has robust anti-harassment features, & 4. protects privacy and anonymity. This Discourse community has the ability to do that and more!

If you login & register with your Patreon credentials, you'll also be able to converse in the Patron-only section withoutΒ havingΒ to rely on the hosts to create posts on Patreon.

The Liturgists want to see you there! Join us today!

Hey Liturgists! Science @mike has given the greenlight: "Shout it from the rooftops. We’re ready for a crowd!"Β 

Come join us over at the officialΒ The Liturgist Community (TLCΒ β™₯️)! All are welcome, including 🍌s and 🐐s! Follow this link:

Mommy and Papi slept in a bit today. We did everything we could to send the kids away.

We hear yet *another* knock on the door.

Mommy: 😩 "What⁉️"

22-yr-old Nephew: _opens the door and sees his aunt and tio canoodling_

22-yr-old Nephew: 😨 _backs out slowly_

Mommy and Papi: 🀭 πŸ˜† πŸ˜‚ 🀣 ‼️‼️

There's a strong correlation between the number of kids I have and the amount of time I spend (hiding) in the bathroom.

Sunflower. 27 June 2019. Our Family Farm, Florida.

Back with my family after much too long away. It seem those sunflowers around our garden are coming up. 😊

This was so very moving.

I'm Gay - Eugene Lee Yang

Eugene comes out as gay in his original, deeply personal music video, featuring music by ODESZA.


Am I crazy or did lightboxes disappear from PixelFed some time ago?

Self-Portrait. 21 April 2019. Windy Point, Santa Catalina Mountains.

And btw, Liturgusts... "follow me! " 😊

Why this thread?

I generally DON'T want my posts visible outside this instance. The solution? Setting toot privacy to "followers-only." This limits interaction though. Perhaps this thread will allow privacy-conscious users more visibility.

REMEMBER, toots set "public" federate out to all connected instances & they're crawled by search engines. Make sure this is your intention.

Public toots show a 🌎.
Followers-only toots show a πŸ”’.

Example of public toots via Google:

A follow request thread for privacy-conscious users πŸ”

The only way to keep your posts from becoming publicly visible on the Internet is to post "followers-only." Unfortunately, this limits interaction with other Liturgists to only those who follow you.

If you wish to exchange follows with other Liturgists here, respond with "follow me" to indicate that you wish to be followed and will follow in return.

Boosts welcomed.

I'm gonna click that number two some time. Maybe even the 3 or 4.

There is a second page to Google Search results and a bunch still more. How about that.

It's hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off.

@PixelFed @dansup
Woo! The RSS feed is pulling is pulling in images now and I was able to make good use of that feature! Thank you!

Question: Is there anyway to increase the number of entries in the RSS feed? It's currently capped at 10.

Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers. 08 May 2019. Our Family Farm, Florida.

Made another image macro of the Doctor. Perhaps you'll find these highlighted words as personally affecting to you as they are to me. πŸ€—πŸ˜™

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