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We will sob. We will ache. We will be overcome with grief & sadness.

We will also remember. We will savor her words & voice left to us & this world. Perhaps most importantly, we will keep a piece of her alive within us forever.

@mike, this last year for me has been one of excruciating loss. There are days I feel my chest may collapse within me & I will breathe my last. Today is another such day.

I know it's cheesy & nerdy, but I hope this image will be of value to you & others. πŸ’™ πŸ™

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I'm a tad private and preferring to avoid the federated instances. 😬 If you're on instance, let's follow each other on this journey!
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Woo! The RSS feed is pulling is pulling in images now and I was able to make good use of that feature! Thank you!

Question: Is there anyway to increase the number of entries in the RSS feed? It's currently capped at 10.

Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers. 08 May 2019. Our Family Farm, Florida.

Made another image macro of the Doctor. Perhaps you'll find these highlighted words as personally affecting to you as they are to me. πŸ€—πŸ˜™

*Story Time*

Would you share with us an especially wonderful childhood memory of yours?

Desert Mountain Waters. 16 March 2019. Bear Canyon, Santa Catalina Mountains.

Mars in the mists with the Pleiades watching. 05 March 2019. East Valencia, Tucson.

Decaying Rings. 21 April 2019. Babad DoΚΌag, Santa Catalina Mountains.

Cables. 9 May 2018. Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, St. Louis.

Angles and Mirrors. 28 May 2018. Thomas Jefferson Rusk Building, Austin.

I've been struggling with the loss of some persons very dear to me and when I heard the Doctor say this, it really struck a cord.

From time-to-time since, I've been imagining them with me, thinking of what they might say or do; how they might smile or laugh. To be honest, there's been some catharsis in it for me.

And so, I put together this simple image as a reminder to myself. Perhaps it might do you some goodness as well.

❀️ & :TARDIS:

Makeshift Crescent. 09 April 2019. Rita, Tucson.

Jury rigged my phone to a crummy telescope (yes, with tape, haha). Then hastily patched together two photos to show off the entire crescent moon. 😜

I'm the exact opposite of Galileo.

Makeshift Luna. 09 April 2019. Rita, Tucson.

I jury rigged my phone to a crummy telescope and made this. 😜

Sunset. 26 Jun 2018. Clearwater Beach, Clearwater.

Storm Brewing. 24 June 2018. Courtney Campbell Bridge, Tampa.

Banyan Tree. 26 May 2018. North Straub Park, St Petersburg.

Never thought I would see these trees in the US!

More Info on the Trees:

30' Bowstring Sundial. 26 June 2018. Sundial St. Pete, St Petersburg.

More Info:

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