A follow request thread for privacy-conscious users πŸ”

The only way to keep your posts from becoming publicly visible on the Internet is to post "followers-only." Unfortunately, this limits interaction with other Liturgists to only those who follow you.

If you wish to exchange follows with other Liturgists here, respond with "follow me" to indicate that you wish to be followed and will follow in return.

Boosts welcomed.

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Why this thread?

I generally DON'T want my posts visible outside this instance. The solution? Setting toot privacy to "followers-only." This limits interaction though. Perhaps this thread will allow privacy-conscious users more visibility.

REMEMBER, toots set "public" federate out to all connected instances & they're crawled by search engines. Make sure this is your intention.

Public toots show a 🌎.
Followers-only toots show a πŸ”’.

Example of public toots via Google:

Show thread

@amal ooooo....I made it to the first page of the google machine.

@amal does that officially make me a celebrity pastor? πŸ˜‚

Everyone's a celebrity on Google. That's the problem. 😜

@amal This is a good idea. I've seen people mention local-only posting being developed, but I'm not sure if it will be a mainstream thing.

Most of the people I interact with aren't on this instance, so I assume you wouldn't want me to boost this, but I can if you would like

@Laura_I @amal yeah, I had a server that ran on Pleroma, which has a local chat for your instance. But that was it; just a small chat with no notifications or ability to boost/favorite/etc the messages.

I do hope the full thing gets developed soon for the benefit of instances like Liturgist, whereby most messages are inherently super personal.

Yeah. It really boggles my mind that there isn't an "instance-only" privacy setting. It especially seems odd considering that Mastodon is hosted by so many special interest communities.

Ironically, since most users post publicly and that information is crawled by search engines, their data can still be harvested for a number uses.


So Twitter may not have your information on their servers anymore because you use Mastodon...

Now Google, Bing, and etc have all your information... information that can still be harvested by other companies other than Google.

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@amal I can't agree more. In terms of privacy, Mastodon scores low marks. :/

And on that note, add me to the list of "follow me"s!

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