Hey Liturgists! Science @mike has given the greenlight: "Shout it from the rooftops. We’re ready for a crowd!" 

Come join us over at the official The Liturgist Community (TLC ♥️)! All are welcome, including 🍌s and 🐐s! Follow this link:
🎉 discourse.theliturgists.com


Mike's dream is to create an online community that is 1. controlled by The Liturgists (to protect your data), 2. easy to use, 3. has robust anti-harassment features, & 4. protects privacy and anonymity. This Discourse community has the ability to do that and more!

If you login & register with your Patreon credentials, you'll also be able to converse in the Patron-only section without having to rely on the hosts to create posts on Patreon.

The Liturgists want to see you there! Join us today!

Discourse is more intuitive and familiar to most used when compared to other platforms such as Slack. However, you maybe still wish to check out this handy tutorial: discourse.theliturgists.com/t/

@amal Thanks. When a person logs on to Discourse with their Patreon credentials, how much access/control does Patreon have to their activity, and are they subject to Patreon's rules? These concerns might be important for those who value privacy and anonymity.


Great question! Discourse request only the following information to confirm that you are a patron:
* Your pledge amount to The Liturgists
* Your profile photo, first and last name, and email address.

The attached photo shows the access request.


I haven't tested this myself yet, but...

Alternatively, you could register a new account on Discourse using the SAME email that you used to register on Patreon. We noticed that Discourse detected Patreon emails in use and gave that person access to the patron only section.

Again, I haven't actually tested this myself, but it seems that you can use the same email and not have to actually link Discourse to your Patreon.

@amal Hey thanks. I think that is an important option for people to know about, especially those concerned with Patreon's practices. But even just in general, I would guess most people would prefer that one platform did not have their username and password to another platform.

@RobertFrancis @amal I should point out that, in fact, Patreon does not have access to your Discourse password, and The Liturgists (the Discourse admins) don’t have access to your Patreon password. The integration is implemented using a technology called OAuth, which allows you to use one service as a login for another, while permitting some limited access to data (in the case of Patreon, the items mentioned above). Your actual password is not exchanged. You’re only using it to login to Patreon.

Thanks for the additional clarification, @brettdh!

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