Any s found strategies for curbing the perfectionism/do-more-do-better drive, while also releasing self from the guilt/constant critic nagging at you that you're not doing what you should be?
I can force myself to take a night off, for example, but it always includes the phantom "shoulds" hanging around....
Is this the invisible, endless, mental labor of wife-and-mother-hood? Is this a 1 thing? Both?

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@laurel_ann I find it helpful to embrace my 7 side and live in the moment, and be content with here and now. Also I have a strong 9 wing so it can help to view myself the way I would view someone else, i.e. overlooking flaws, giving the benefit of the doubt.


@laurel_ann and I guess the "trick" I like to use alongside that sort of thing is to make "rules" out of these principles, since lists and "rules" are the mental structures that feel natural to me as a 1. e.g. I know "everyone makes mistakes" and then hijack my inner critic for good to enforce that same hard principle with myself... I don't know, it seems to work pretty well for my brain at least :)

@laurel_ann also I definitely think part of the "feeling like I should be doing something" is just part of being a parent :)

@andrew @laurel_ann for sure a parenting/mothering thing! I'm a four and I feel that way constantly

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