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would anyone be interested in a $15 dollar icon commission? done today. i have literally 0 dollars until thursday lol. boosts appreciated!

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animal products 

Tried tanning these rabbit furs. Last step is to smoke them to prevent them from returning to a stiff raw hide state if they get wet. Might try to make a hat of some kind.

It's ANZAC Day. 25th of April. 104 years since one of Australia's and New Zealand's military defeats but a triumph and baptism of fire for our nations. We lost a battle and many young men to British orders and Turkish defenders but found our feet and hearts. Lest We Forget.

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Request/plea for hardware advice:

I have had some thermal/fan issues with my laptop, so I took it to a local shop to have them reapply thermal paste and order a replacement fan. I watched them do so, and everything seemed fine.

After closing the case back up, the right half of the laptop keyboard doesn't work, and the laptop does recognize/power an external USB keyboard. The laptop has full disk encryption, so I cannot boot. The USB keyboard previously worked to enter the password.

Any ideas?

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I thought fellow doubters, questioners, and skeptics might like this, especially as Easter approaches!

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Been thinking about love lately, specifically as it relates to the idea of "impact always trumps intent." I could claim I'm acting or speaking out of love, but if my actions or words aren't received as love, well then they aren't actually loving are they.

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Wow ok, turns out that if you're having a DM conversation on Masto and use the @ of someone not involved in the conversation they're tagged in to the conversation

That's... Ok. Not what I expected

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The Edinburgh Tool Library is the UK's first tool library, for a small membership fee you get access to a huge selection of tools that you would otherwise need to buy or rent. They currently operate out of Leith and Portobello and are open biweekly, they also organize regular workshops for skillsharing.

More tool libraries like this around the country (and the world) would mean literally seizing the means of production.

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Speak truth to bullshit, but still be civil. ~ Brene Brown

Hey all. My wife has undertaken a new project to lift the profile of our town. If you could check it out and maybe leave a comment that would be super awesome. Please boost if you'd be so kind.

Footage (youtube link) 

Footage from cameras I placed in the bush in February.
Link to youtube

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This latest episode of the Liturgists podcast with @mike and @hillarymcbride is deeply spiritual. Hillary is a massive role model for me.

Hey so Monday is here. It started well. I'm going to chalk a lot up to the end of daylight saving time and the extra hour of sleep that cmes with it. It's a good feeling to be sure.

And Daylight Saving time is over. Back to normal for winter. Another reason winter is a winner.

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Reason my 3 year old just yelled at me: She didn’t like the breakfast...that I made for MYSELF.

Not owning a TV is the best family/life/mental health/spiritual health/physical health decision I think I've ever been party to. Every now and then FOMO creeps in but then I see what's on and am glad we decided to boot it from our lives.

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