What are your thoughts on church attendance? I enjoy going, but mostly because I don't feel any obligation or pressure to be there. I am guilt-free on this topic.
My husband still occasionally feels like we "should" be attending church. Like, he feels guilt over it.
I don't know how to express to him that we aren't OBLIGATED to go to church. It doesn't matter to God. What do you think, ?

@Vaashtii I feel the same way as your husband. For me, this is not a guilt of fear and shame.

It feels more like standing someone up when we've made plans to have breakfast together and I decided there was a better opportunity.

This has never prevented me from going to an occasional NFL football game guilt-free.

I wonder if your husband feels this way or if his guilt comes from a darker place.

@andy12 thank you for your perspective and I are glad you are here! I came a little over a year ago as bisexual, although it wasn't a huge revelation. But it was difficult for my husband that I wanted to announce it to people. So that alone has put him thru a lot, and I don't really want to throw all of the faith stuff on top of that.


@Vaashtii This is such a compassionate response.

Please keep in mind that your faith evolution probably won't be any more of a surprise.

I'd be interested in learning how much of your husband's desire for privacy is for himself and how much is because of how he anticipates that when you share more of yourself it will affect his relationships with friends and family.

This is not a reason to keep secrets. And you have every right to share your faith perspective at any time.

@andy12 when it came to my "coming out", he was initially insecure that it meant I was unsatisfied somehow and that maybe I had met someone. (neither was even remotely true) Then, he was worried about what coming out would mean for me, how people would react, and I honestly think he was concerned with himself last. First, it was about us, then it was about me. Only then was it about him.

@Vaashtii That makes a lot of sense. I predict this is the same order of concerns you'll encounter when sharing your faith journey with him, too.

@andy12 I messaged him (which is how I "came out" officially because I just don't do face to face conversations like this.) earlier and asked him if he was familiar universalism, particularly Christian universalism; then provided him with a link with information. Then I asked him the same question about panentheism, and provided him with another link. And then we chatted for a minute about the distinction between pantheism and panentheism. And so far, that's been it!!

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