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@Ricci Brenรฉ Brown rocks! I probably wouldn't attend a live event unless it were for work.

@thegreendragon Seth Godin's latest "The Compass and the Map" post, published just a couple of hours ago, also seems relevant to this conversation

@thegreendragon I'm so glad you mentioned lean startup. For most small-scale and individual projects, I like the iterate quickly approach better than the more complex model I shared. Have you ever done the Marshmallow Challenge?

@thegreendragon This video is a 22-minute Nightline segment from 1999 illustrating the concept

@thegreendragon What definition do you have in mind? We use this concept at work frequently.

mental illness and prom and Easter 

@timmy Depression sucks. So sad for you and your son

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A proposed new Berlin transit map replaces stylized axis-parallel and diagonal line segments with smooth curves:

The old design was seen as "out of style", "too robotized", and too difficult to follow routes. There's still a strong preference for axis-parallel and diagonal lines in the new map, but the connections between them have been smoothed out.


@Rachael This reminds me of the Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

@gabi happyhappyhappy! Tomorrow I turn 45 I'm calling it my halfway to 90 celebration LOL

24 was a challenging year. My wife and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary with a fast food progressive dinner: drinks at Taco Bell, McDonald's fries, and Burger King burgers.

We had almost nothing except each other!

But over 20 years later, she still puts up with me, so I guess we're doing something right!

Math jokes 

@Melissa My friend Caitlin recommends Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks by G. Patrick Vennebush I'm a math teacher and most of my jokes fall flat

Survivor - no spoilers (yet) 

@maryg987 My terrier needs a long evening walk, so my son gives me the recap. He said the same thing. "You know something weird is happening when there's a commercial break partway through Tribal."

@ValR I am completely in favor of black holes whose event horizons stay far away from my personal space :TARDIS:

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