@mike Enjoyed your LARPing as Evangelical-apologist-guy on TAaTR. Made my commute less rage inducing!

Had a lovely bottle of wine with dinner tonight. I'm considering my Thursday officially Maundy'd. Now who will wash my feet? 😁

Another positive side-effect of having 40 solar panels in your backyard....you start to root for clear and sunny days. Being a self-professed fan of all things grey, gloomy, and overcast isn't a productive strategy when electrical output is hanging in the balance. Just call me Mr. Blue Sky

Quick read:A Buddhist’s Take on Jesus’ Big Temptation

found this on Reddit: r/OpenChristian

or should I say ....

Curious if any other non-Christians out there have ever had a powerful conversion experience to Christianity after seeing a license plate like this? 😂 People make me laugh.

Richard Rohr 

@Dan I have it pre-ordered, so yes. His daily meditations emails have me very much looking forward to it.


@antmantbone An update... I had two minutes to speak and get my point across. The state senator that represents me asked which way he should vote, and I told him. I think he doesn't really understand the dynamics and doesn't care. So hopefully he'll just take my advice. Thanks for the support!

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The Kentucky state legislature is currently rushing through legislation concerning grid tied solar systems. They are close to passing a bill that will limit the ability of private citizens to get fair compensation for their excess solar production while incentivizing monopolies from out of state. This concerns me as a Kentuckian and owner of a 40 panel solar system. I'll be lobbying my state senator today on this issue. Wish me luck!

story of abuse and redemption 

This new story on The Deconstruction, I mean, wow. Be prepared it is not an easy read. It is redemptive though.


If you would like to submit your story let me know.

Big progress the last few days! (On the skatepark I’m building)

I just finished reading Peter Enns's new book "How the Bible Actually Works" and wanted to share it with everyone. (I was part of the book's launch team but it comes out on Tues)


Hey everyone. Just realized that I jumped on here immediately, but didn't introduce myself. Full-time dad/husband and IT guy. I went to school for music, but eventually my inner-nerd became my profession. Have been deconstructing for a year or so now. This follows a stint as a music director at a theologically conservative church. I now identify most with Quaker understandings of the divine, however I am proud to be a part of an open and affirming UCC church. Peace!

**We do not exist independently. We inter-are. Everything relies on everything else in the cosmos in order to manifest—whether a star, a cloud, a flower, a tree, or you and me. (Thich Nhat Hanh)** This is really speaking to me today. I'm thankful to inter-be with you all here. 💜

Rohr never fails to captivate my heart and soul.

"Some of us learned to cope with abuse or trauma by shutting down our body's awareness and expression. Part of the healing process is listening to the body's messages in safe environments. We are not simply souls having a spiritual experience, but physical beings whose very breath is given by the Divine. In order to incarnate God, we are called to be fully human. We are humus--of the earth, soil, ground."


If you are so inclined I'd invite you to sign the following petition: afsc.org/action/sign-petition- this is a Quaker organization that is concerned with Peace and equality. ☮️

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