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@erosdiscordia sure. Cyberpunk creates this weird thing where people *obviously* hate the particular oppressive dystopia, but want to be cyberpunk heroes.

To be a cyberpunk hero one needs a cyberpunk oppressive dystopia to fight against. Romanticizing the hero romanticizes the oppression they fight against.

But we should not look forward to fighting dystopias once they happen, we should stop them from happening in the first place.

We need to be steeped in #solarpunk instead of #cyberpunk.

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Urban planing; #municipalism; me blogging 

Solarpunk is a movement largely focused on how changes in our local environment can result in wide-ranging impacts for the world, so I’m hoping to bring you more stories that give you a zoomed-in view of one community’s journey into the future. Urban design is one of the big levers we can pull in the fight against climate change, and it’s something we’re thinking about here in Charlottesville.


#cities #urbanplanning #Charlottesville #SolarpunkStation

Liturgists, I just discovered a beautiful and amazing genre called solarpunk! The point is to create inspiring visions of a future in which society has become sustainable, peaceful, green, inclusive, non-capitslist, non-hierarchical, working with mother earth, not against her... It is an answer to the dystopic and pessimistic visions of the future we have been fed up with the last couple of decades, and it gives me hope!

Read more at:

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@mike Sending you so much love as you recover physically and continue through this uncomfortable season of soul growth. Changes are always hard but Spirit (or whatever your favorite word is) is with you just as always and ever. I’m so glad you have such amazing, powerful friends and partners. You deserve to be loved just as much as you have loved. Maybe even more 🙂 Love is love and it often shows up in the form of the people closest to us. How else could it be? Miracles are everywhere. 🙏

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@mike (or anyone else) Have you by any chance read Steve Fullers "Post-Truth: Knowledge as a Power Game"?
If so, do you have any comments on his argument that the post-truth attitude de-monopolizes science the same way as the reformation de-monopolized Christendom (and that this is a sign of maturing democratic intelligence, not the opposite)?

(Just attended a lecture by Steve Fuller on the topic in Oslo - delightful and (thought) provoking)

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When wondering how to vote for a representative in the EU today, I'd suggest considering if there is any kind of climate emergency going on that threatens to collapse the ecosystems and so destroy civilization.

If that were happening it might even be more important than the methods of collaboration used when administrators design legislation on international product standardization and global taxation harmonization.

Even though everyone seems really worked up about lately!

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RT @wozukunft
In dieser Geschwindigkeit müssen wir als Gesellschaft, als Politik, Wirtschaft, Kultur, Organisationen, Individuen handeln. Wer dies als irreal empfindet hat nicht verstanden, wozu Menschen in der Lage sind um ihren Kindern Leid und Verzweiflung zu ersparen.

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RT @FutureKyoto
明日の #FridaysForFuture Kyotoの詳細
16:00 京都市役所前 集合
→スピーチ「#持続可能#京都市 へ」
16:30 マーチスタート
17:30 終了予定、その後参加者で懇親会の予定(参加費不要)


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RT @gretathunberg
Happy #EarthDay !
This is what’s needed to stay below 1,5°C of warming.

Note that this doesn’t include the aspect of equity, feedback loops or additional warming hidden by toxic air pollution.

Sorry to bother but it’s time to act.

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@Melissa have you seen "Sliced" ? just discovered it this morning.


"We help you find opportunities that have a direct impact on reversing climate change."

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Also, a work of Islamic scholarship on Sodom & Gomorrah made the most rigorous argument I've seen for the destruction of those cities being about catastrophic failure of hospitality, rather than for homosexuality. Fantastic, illuminating, and powerful work towards equality and equity. Islamic feminisms have also been important to me. 2/2 💜

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Question of the Day: Let's put some loveliness out there. What are some of the things you admire and love about Islam? Or, what is something you have learned from a Muslim family member, friend, neighbor, or stranger?

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I’m not entirely sure what I did wrong (or maybe right) but pretty sure my last batch of kombucha had more than “trace” amounts of alcohol

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Everyone! I'm going to propose to my girlfriend sometime this week. I'm super excited and a little nervous, and I just want to share that with y'all!

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Look what came in the mail today! My heart is full right now thanks to the generosity of a fellow Liturgist. ❤

Any Liturgists in the Denver area who would like to advice a temporary immigrant (me) on finding a community while here?
If so, feel free to DM me 😊

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Contemporary Christian Music 

What really saddens me about my dislike of most ccm is that I know many of the artists are great people and love God. I've met some of them, and they have big hearts. But the industry ruins it.

My daughters ask every morning on the way to school if we can listen to "Jesus songs." I turn my XM to The Message, which is dominated by ccm's golden boys. But my girls sing along and smile.

They're not ready for the good stuff yet.

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