Have you guys seen The Family on Netflix?? Wow.... I think you would all be really interested. @vishnu @mike

The rest is in the Liturgists FB group. It's so beautifully written, it needs to be shared. (I am personally sorry for bombing the feed with all my toots)
Letter by Jason Morriss of Austin New Church. The transcription doesn't do it justice - take a listen: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/

(10) I’m sorry the church still struggles to see you, to hear you, and to value your priceless contribution.
The truth is, you’ve lead dpts of ministry in churches where I have served, without the title, the authority, or the pay you deserved. Even though those ministries would have crumbled without your oversight.
I’m sorry that you’ve carried the local church on your back, on your volunteerism, on your ability to organize and execute - without all that goes with that leadership title. @mike

(9) I’m sorry I thought open-office door policies and never riding in a car with someone of the opposite sex made me courageous and disciplined. That made you feel dangerous and shameful and dirty.
And that has a name - that’s called blame. And that’s not what God dreamt of.

I’m sorry the church I love so much has done more, perhaps, than any other institution in society to wound you. We should have lead with the gospel that sets free, but we failed. @mike @vishnu

(8) I’m sorry for allowing myself to be the center of your care and of your nurture, while somehow neglecting to make you the center of mine.
I’m sorry for the years I was complicit to the thinking that said your beautiful, your divine body was responsible for my wayward eyes and for my problem, and my hunger that could not be contained. That’s always been my work to do, not yours.
I’m sorry for how that made you feel shameful. @mike @vishnu

(7) I’m sorry for diminishing your tears, for overlooking your wise intuition, for ignoring your warnings when harm was on your radar, but it wasn’t on mine, and I didn’t believe it.
For half-listening when you unraveled your heart.
That has a name - that’s called ignorance. And that is not what God dreamt of. @mike @vishnu

(6) But when the injury has occurred, you don’t start by analyzing the fight, you apologize for wrongs done.

Dear, sweet sisters -
Daughters, grandmothers, wives, hear me.
I am so sorry. I truly am sorry.
I am sorry for thinking of your emotions as untrustworthy and unwelcome in church leadership spaces.
I’m sorry for making fun of your many words and your ability to spin a dozen plates simultaneously. What I should’ve said is I’m jealous that your brain can master it all at once. @mike

Skipping ahead, bc this is taking a long time (5) So with your permission, as your pastor, we’re not gonna do any textural work in the bible today. I’m gonna read an open letter of apology that I worked on this week with the help of a poet, a playwright and a kung fu shrink. I need you to hear me before we begin. Men, women, I’m not tearing down men in this room. That is not the goal of this. @mike @vishnu

(4) There’s no denying though, that these texts have created sexism in the church with scriptural basis… and don’t question it - you’ll be put in your place. Biblically sanctioned sexism, it’s the most embarrassing thing that has grown in our garden.

Women have always been as strong, as smart, as gifted, as intelligent, it’s just that our Bible got in the way, and we used it to liberate only half of the room. @mike @vishnu

(3) Sexism in the Church
Jason Morriss

"It won’t surprise you to hear me say that most (if not all) of our ancient text, that we consider the scriptures that drive our community, was literally birthed in patriarchy. How could it have been otherwise? It won’t surprise you that male authors and perspectives and world views are the ones that are preserved in our text. Women were valued slightly above livestock when most of our scripture was written. @mike

(2) It was so powerful that I transcribed it - because I know people are more likely to read a post than download a podcast.
But reading it typed out, I realized it just doesn't do justice to the spoken message. So, do download and give it a listen, if you can. It's in the first 20 minutes of the episode (link in comments). I've added part of his intro for context. podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/

A pastor in Austin that I follow shared this message his church, Jason Morriss of Austin New Church. They put all their sermons on their podcast channel, and the episodes in Jason's recent series really intrigued me: Legalism in the Church, Sexism in the Church, Fundamentalism, and Biblicism. I was curious, and listened to the Sexism message first. I cried when I heard his open letter of apology. The vulnerability in it was so powerful, so moving. (I shared this in the FB group, as well.) @mike

Does @mike know about the issues with Patreon? Several podcasts I have supported through Patreon for years are leaving. They have not shared why - but I have heard from other supporters that they "rely on shady content"... which is concerning. May be worth looking into. I would be happy to supply on another platform if these rumors pan out. Pls RE-TOOT ;)

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Where my fellow POC at? Feels like a very white space😅

Fundamentalist Christian views on LGBTQ, abortion, mind control, atheism 

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(6) Anyway, it just has been worried that my Christian friends are further off that end of belief than I thought. I already thought their beliefs were too extreme.
In the video, the speaker spouts "facts" with no follow up sources, of course, and the whole talk is anonymous. I'm afraid to look at the comments.

Mind control, abortion, pedophilia 

Mind control, abortion, pedophilia 

Mind Control, abortion 

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