I tried receiving reiki yesterday and had an amazing, healing and calming time. Anyone here have any experience with it?

NZ shooting 

I went to a vigil in Nashville to remember and mourn the lives taken in New Zealand. I met a Muslim single mom who is coming over to dinner soon with her son.

Thought I’d ask on here if anyone else has been to a vigil for the victims. If so I’d love to see your pictures, videos, stories etc.

I need to turn off auto play on my Liturgists RSS feed. I finished Hillary’s amazing Traveling Light meditation in a state of deep relaxation and was immediately jolted by the “in the year 2013” from the most recent Alien and the Robot. 😂😵

@audreyassad Well, I've made myself vulnerable in different threads and want to make sure I offer support back to anyone who expresses something in response to them.

So it's on my mind when I'm not on it, but that's a result of my own choices and actions and my care for others. So it feels personal and individual.

The interaction here is certainly better than twitter has been in a long time, if ever.

@audreyassad I come back to it daily for the intelligent adult conversation. (SAHM here 😁) but while other social media platforms leave me empty, my Liturgist community here fills me and inspires me. 💜

Would you say you feel Mastodon is less gamified than other social media platforms?

I can’t tell what I think, but I know I open it about every three days and don’t think about it in between.

Now that I have been on Mastodon for a bit I am REALLY wishing Twitter had this content warning feature. I want to tweet a lot more about Syria than I do, but sometimes content warnings are genuinely needed for those tweets and/or any related images.

Thanks for all the recs. I’ll be thinking of you while I mop my floors!

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I love The Good Place and Grace and Frankie and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Have also watched them multiple times (I love picking up on what I missed before) I am suddenly realizing how much tv I watch while i am doing chores. 😱

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What do I need to watch if I’ve already watched Schitt’s Creek thrice, 30 Rock seven times and the Office somewhere around 5 times? I’ve also done this with Parks and Rec.

Tried Broad City out the other day and liked it.

Russian doll (spoilers possible) 

I had an anxiety attack during the second to last episode. Full blown. It was horrible.

The show, however, is an excellently told story. And full of actual surprises! I loved it

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Russian doll (spoilers possible) 

Soooo has anybody here watched Russian Doll?!

migrant issues / Facebook fundamentalists 

Nothing new is going to be said here. I am not even surprised. Just tired of hitting this wall with people endlessly.

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migrant issues / Facebook fundamentalists 

Mastodon Liturgists Instance says yes.

I wrote a song about migrant mothers and babies being separated at the border. t.co/kBufLn0Ojg?amp=1

Predictably, Facebook responses include accusations that I don’t care about American children being safe, that migrant parents are “in it for the money”....which is honesty the most mind boggling of all responses to me.

I try but I just can’t understand how anybody reacts that way. Is empathy dead?

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So...is this where I go to toot out grief and anger about Twitter and Facebook reacting to my posts about migrants/refugees? Is there a separate instance for that? 😂😭😵

making fun of fundamentalism with puns 

Guard your heart’s Gryffindor: don’t let Satan Slytherin.

It is a truly beautiful thing when I become so convinced something is true that I begin to lose the compulsion to argue its merit.

Favorite thing about mastodon so far, at least on the Toot! app... the “delete and re-draft” function. AMAZEBALLS. I just did a reply and meant to have it “unlisted” but forgot, and I just deleted and re-drafted, fixed it, re-tooted. That is an amazing piece of functionality.

This mastodon instance hath spoken. This is currently not a verifiable possibility.

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