It is a truly beautiful thing when I become so convinced something is true that I begin to lose the compulsion to argue its merit.

@edalexwhite @audreyassad I’m thinking that’s a pretty healthy place. A place where something is so seeped into your life that it is really true, you don’t have to remind yourself of its truth, you don’t feel threatened when someone says it’s not true, you see the essence of its truth, you live out its truth. That is to say, mind/body/soul/essence are fully on board.

This is not to say it can’t be challenged or a deeper truth can’t be sought.

At least that’s how I read the post.

@roberttheiv @edalexwhite Robert, you have caught my drift exactly. It’s not that I’m not interested in deeper truth, it’s that I’m not threatened enough by someone’s disagreement to get defensive about it.

@audreyassad @roberttheiv I see. Just at first glance i thought couldn't the people you disagree with also have the same mentality? But I guess it is another thing entirely to be stuck on destructive ideas.

What do we do then? If they truly believe theirs?

@edalexwhite @audreyassad maybe you need:

1) a safe space to express, question and change authentic ideas and perspectives
2) genuine interest in exploring other perspectives
3) genuine recognition of the humanity of the other

If those aren’t there it’s not a constructive conversation. In that case, it can wildly vary, but I suspect you aren’t going to argue your way to anything.

@audreyassad YES. This is it. I’ve been feeling more and more this way. I also am learning arguing doesn’t convince anyone anyways so it’s fruitless for all parties. Let the proof of what you believe and hold to be true (in all aspects of life) be lived, not nagged!

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