this where I go to toot out grief and anger about Twitter and Facebook reacting to my posts about migrants/refugees? Is there a separate instance for that? 😂😭😵

migrant issues / Facebook fundamentalists 

Mastodon Liturgists Instance says yes.

I wrote a song about migrant mothers and babies being separated at the border.

Predictably, Facebook responses include accusations that I don’t care about American children being safe, that migrant parents are “in it for the money”....which is honesty the most mind boggling of all responses to me.

I try but I just can’t understand how anybody reacts that way. Is empathy dead?

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migrant issues / Facebook fundamentalists 

Nothing new is going to be said here. I am not even surprised. Just tired of hitting this wall with people endlessly.

migrant issues / Facebook fundamentalists 

@audreyassad thank you so much for your work, your voice, your transparency, your love, & your humility even in the midst of the ridiculousness! Much love 🖤✌🏽❤️

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