Now that I have been on Mastodon for a bit I am REALLY wishing Twitter had this content warning feature. I want to tweet a lot more about Syria than I do, but sometimes content warnings are genuinely needed for those tweets and/or any related images.

@audreyassad why? Maybe we need to be confronted with those images.

Asking for a friend

@roger @audreyassad Maybe some people do. Other people need to be able to go on Twitter without having terrible memories brought up and their day ruined by ptsd

@Laura_I @audreyassad if only the world were that safe. If only. PTSD of my own to contend with.

@roger @audreyassad Look half the stuff you post seems like you're trying to start a fight. Listen when people say they need content warnings even if you don't. You're not entitled to other people educating you, especially if you're just gonna argue with them when you claim to be asking in good faith. We are trying to make the world safer and you don't seem to care. Your perspective is not the only one that matters and you should try listening to other people for a change

@Laura_I @audreyassad i understand how my comments made you feel that way. I am sorry. Please know that perspective it couldn’t be further from the heart of my intention. I only say that to clarify and not justify. Again, I am sorry. Please forgive me.

@audreyassad I agree. It's pretty easy for them to incorporate. I'm surprised they don't extend their "sensitive content" warnings to individual tweets. I know it's possible with images but they can't be shown/hidden on the fly like you can here.

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