Would you say you feel Mastodon is less gamified than other social media platforms?

I can’t tell what I think, but I know I open it about every three days and don’t think about it in between.

@audreyassad I come back to it daily for the intelligent adult conversation. (SAHM here 😁) but while other social media platforms leave me empty, my Liturgist community here fills me and inspires me. 💜

@audreyassad Well, I've made myself vulnerable in different threads and want to make sure I offer support back to anyone who expresses something in response to them.

So it's on my mind when I'm not on it, but that's a result of my own choices and actions and my care for others. So it feels personal and individual.

The interaction here is certainly better than twitter has been in a long time, if ever.

@audreyassad Mastodon feels like stepping back in time to when I first got on the web (in '99)—when it was the people who kept me coming back to online communities. There was no constant stream of likes/validation, no folks vying for viral attention. Before coming here, I'd forgotten what it felt like to be in an online space free of that!

@audreyassad I like that you can't see exactly how many replies and favorites a toot has unless you're viewing it isolated from the stream.

@audreyassad I check in about every other day. I like catching up with people, having interesting conversations. I don't see the "posting just to post" here

btw like your music

@audreyassad most definitely! I literally forgot about it for like a week and then came back when I finished a book that reminded me of something on here. So much less stressful and not the same competitive feel.

@audreyassad definitely for me! I feel like I am in control over how much I use it and when and actually...IF. It’s a beautiful thing.

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