I need to turn off auto play on my Liturgists RSS feed. I finished Hillary’s amazing Traveling Light meditation in a state of deep relaxation and was immediately jolted by the “in the year 2013” from the most recent Alien and the Robot. 😂😵

@audreyassad - never thought to turn off auto play! but that's totally happened to me too! lol

@audreyassad I love that Pocketcasts does not autoplay the next podcast. I can simply turn on a meditation before bed and it helps me fall to sleep.

Oh I hate it when that happens.

I still think the most distressing example is on the Beatles album where the beautiful "Here, There and Everywhere" leads into Ringo's "Yellow Submarine".

@audreyassad 😂😂😂 I’ve made the same mistake before. Lol.

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