I tried receiving reiki yesterday and had an amazing, healing and calming time. Anyone here have any experience with it?

I've had experience of both and "regular" hands-on (and off) healing, and have practiced both over the years.

That means I'm biased when giving a report of their efficacy though. ;)

@audreyassad I’m very interested in it, but have never tried. Will you keep going?

@audreyassad I have no experience with it but I’m interested in learning more and would like to hear more about your experience with it!

@audreyassad YES! I go to these sound baths and the woman of the husband and wife team does hands on reiki and OH MY it has been ammmmazing. The last time she was at my feet and it felt like my legs were on fire (not in a painful way) and like all of this pent up energy was necessarily burning up and out of me. A friend of mine has done hands off reiki with me as well and it was much more a calming time. I love it.

@audreyassad yes! It is kinda freaky at first for me. I’m a raw skeptic. But, after I calmed down, it got pretty amazing. It helped that I knew and trusted the person doing the reiki.


@audreyassad LOVE IT. I accidentally started seeing a new therapist who is also a reiki master. I legit thought I was seeing someone else. I am so grateful now though. We continue normal talk therapy and for the last 20 minutes so does Reiki at the same time. I get to close my eyes and she uses a touch approach. With sexual trauma history the talk therapy coupled with the Reiki has been so healing and insightful to learn where my body stores trauma and emotions and how to process through.

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