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I heard from google that 23&me gives you the option to opt out from having your data available to third parties but that most people just don’t opt out. I just don’t trust it, though. Am I being over careful?

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Anybody happen to know if there are dna tests out there that look for the same things as 23&Me, et al, but that do not sell your data/results? I’m not optimistic, but just thought I’d toot about it anyway. 😂 that’ll never not be funny

I tried to say “Mastodon instance” today to somebody and it took me four tries. Mastodonistace

Also federation timeline is interesting but terrifying, I do not think I want to go to there

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@audreyassad’s Tootsuite. SOMEBODY better develop an app for Mastodon with this name.

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I feel like I’m experiencing some combination of Twitter and Slack and Hootsuite.

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