It takes the broken to recognise and lift up the broken.

If only this were true...
No institution has the right to exclude or alienate anyone from the Divine, the leaders are meant to be the kindest inn keepers of the spirit, be generous custodians of the doorways. If you a carry a burden, they should be the ones inviting you in, helping you, not censoring you. -John O'Donohue

On a more positive note the Quakers have asked if I'll lead a reatreat day for them.

Rough morning - I've just finished leading a 1/2 day retreat introducing contemplative practices. Poor attendance. I'm told people wouldn't come because Christian Meditation (one of the activities) is not Christian. I'm really feeling like I should break with group. It's all too hard. Need a hug.

There are many paths up the mountain. The only path which is the wrong path is that of the person whose path goes around the mountain telling everyone else that their path is wrong.

Spiritual director search 

I was required as part of a course im doing, to find myself a spiritual director. After 3 months of meditation on the search i have finally found one and we clicked instantly. He is on the on the other side of the world so its 5am meeting on skype with him. I'm glad i persisted with the search.

I am interested in connecting with people whose beliefs are like mine. It's lonely sometimes not having someone to talk too.
Does anyone know someone who is a pluralist? I.e. sees the truth of God in many religions, specifically for me Christian, Jewish, Sufi, Sikh and Buddhist. Happy to learn about other religions, but not into atheism.

Friday prayers post Christchurch 

On friday local people with love in their hearts will form a circle of love around the local mosque during friday prayers. Find out if your community is doing the same and support them.


"There are muslim children here today, born since 9/11 who have heard they are terrorists all their life"

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"There is no I and you, only us" currently at the rally against Islamaphobia and racism. Very subdued atmosphere after Christchurch. Women wondering whether it's safe to wear a hijab in public.

Any Unitarians on ? I don't know anyone in my area who is unitarian and would be interested in online activities.

One of the best course I ever did was on Non-Violent Communication. See if you can find one near you.

If you want to kiss the sky // Better learn how to kneel.- U2

I am a hole in a flute that the Christ's breath moves through; listen to this music.- Hafiz

We are currently reading The Divine Dance - Rohr at book club. I'm loving it, it speaks my language. Unfortunately, one person has dropped out because they don't agree with it and the rest are saying how confusing it is and hard to follow. It's now just the minister and me enjoying the book. Still looking for ways to relate and be open to the people who view God very differently.

Finally worked out my motto for this year:
Move dogma and doctrine into experiential knowledge!

Was driving past a local church right when they were starting bible study so I stopped in and joined them. Apparently God is male, the bible says so. Not sure I'll stop in again.

Thanks everyone for four different answers. I heard the statement used by a mystic and it seemed sort of right and wrong at the same time. For many who think 3 dimensionally it rings true. But for the mystic who isn't limited by space or time it doesn't quiet fit.

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God is in heaven.
God is everywhere.
Therefore, heaven is everywhere.

Is this statement flawed?
If yes, how?
If no, how do we tap into an all encompassing heaven?

. The minister has agreed to serving only fair trade tea and coffee at church functions, and the socially conscious toilet paper is on order. Not one person has objected. It's a (minor) miracle!

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