@ayunani I have recently connected with ideas that God is the presence of connectedness to others. It’s the human action of connecting with what is perceived as the ‘other’. Other people, all of creation or the universe or any word you use to describe that which is separate from yoy. I feel that concept is redeeming the statement “God is Love” for me. Right now I’m just trying to find a God worth seeking, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s some supernatural being.

who is god or what does god mean to you now?

How’ve your Sundays changed (if at all) after deconstruction?

For a long time, I felt like I kept going to a service I didn’t care for just so my Sunday mornings would be filled and fulfilled... then I stopped going and was like “WELL WHAT DO I DO NOW??” 😰 but now I’ve started again because I want to, not because I have to. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m a church-going atheist? 💕

curious about what goes on in the Liturgists Singles group? 🤔 welp I just shared this gem. *warning- it’s a church song

join the fun! m.facebook.com/groups/12409054 💕

Man oh man. Sleeping At Last does it again. Anyone else into his tunes?

This past Saturday we had an awesome gathering in SoCal 💕 we meditated, shared food, shared stories, shared laughs, and shared our hearts. We even had a couple folks fly in from out of state to be part of this special event‼️

This community always reminds me that there is healing to be found in each other, that we are not alone in these seemingly lonely seasons of deconstruction (excuse my christianese), and that together we WILL be the change that this country needs.


Also, thinking about just releasing all of that archive stuff to all of you. Demos, alternate versions, missing songs...etc

Here's what I wish. I wish Mastodon had a way to save hashtags. I can't find the book club!

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“Faith is not a belief. Faith is what is left when your beliefs have all been blown to hell. Faith is in the heart, while beliefs are in the head.” - Ram Dass, Be Love Now

I came across this while looking for a different one, but thought it would be good to share with folks.

The small city of Sandusky, Ohio, has declared Election Day a paid holiday — by swapping it out with Columbus Day.

Is there a way to start a photo album on this thing? I think the easiest way to bond is through the sharing of Jesus memes 😬

Does anyone have thoughts about Avatar The Last Airbender? I’m not sure if I’m young compared to the rest of the mastodon crowd, so I don’t know how many of you will have seen it, but it seems like something a lot of liturgists would like.

So...we’re all Buddhists now, right? 🥰👏

Kind of random, but I just wanted to mention my favorite TV show of all time, , has a character named after Ram Dass' original name, Richard Alpert. (The show was known for naming characters after philosophers.)

Hi everyone! I'm Rachel. Wheaton grad. Moved to Prague a couple years ago to teach English and experience life abroad. It's been mostly awesome except for the part where I lost my faith and my life kinda fell apart. Thankfully, I got connected to this wonderful community that makes me feel a little less alone and a bit more hopeful. When I'm not browsing the very entertaining page, you can likely find me watching documentaries or exploring the city with my camera.

Just got dumped and it sucks. But on the bright side, I guess I can satisfy my curiosity about this whole group now 😬

@vishnu @mike part 2: had been robbed of over a decade of emotional development that comes from intimate relationships. THIS was the aspect of sex I wish had been discussed in both the church and mainstream media. It's heartbreaking to know those of us who did go this route missed out on a vital part of personal development.

@vishnu @mike
I deconstructed my views of purity culture over the last few years and found that I was holding a lot of shame that actually disconnected me from both God, others and my body. By choosing to do away with shame over sex and have liberating encounters I felt closer to God than I ever did before. However, I was not prepared for the emotional attachment that followed sex, I wasn't really sure what to do with it (enneagram 4 so I was full of alllllll the emotions) and was upset that I

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