This past Saturday we had an awesome gathering in SoCal 💕 we meditated, shared food, shared stories, shared laughs, and shared our hearts. We even had a couple folks fly in from out of state to be part of this special event‼️

This community always reminds me that there is healing to be found in each other, that we are not alone in these seemingly lonely seasons of deconstruction (excuse my christianese), and that together we WILL be the change that this country needs.


@ayunani I so wanted to be there. So grateful for this space and the healing that is being done here 💖

@sound bummed you couldn’t make it! There will be more in the near future for sure :) 💕

@ayunani Oh no! I missed it! Would love to be there next time ❤️

@ayunani I’m in north San Diego county! Where did you guys meet up?

@loridevon oh sweet! We have a couple folks in SD! Check out this local group for SD/Riverside/Temecula if you’re on Facebook:

This weekend we met in Ontario :) someone graciously opened up their parish for us. hope to meet you soon! 🤗

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