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La vida te da la mano, mañana te agarra del pie.

Strange request, for me at least. Does anyone know of a good, conservative-Christian apologetics book? By good I mean something that uses actual evidence to support Christianity. I’m not looking to defend a religion I no longer subscribe to. However, I would like to be able to see conservative Christianity in its most optimistic, yet fact based, light, given so many people I love participate in it.

@bduncan and I guess also help me to move past common triggers that cause me anxiety and to become overwhelmed.

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@bduncan probably someone who is good at drawing people out because often I don’t feel like I have much to say or know where to start.

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Any have a therapist recommendation? I’m not sure what I’m specifically looking for. I guess ultimately I want to process bouts of loneliness and discouragement, and dig into what growing up so conservative did to me and how to move past it.

@liz @shannon @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom is there a date that would works for folks? Maybe June 8 or 22? I’d still be willing to host.

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@liz @shannon @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom since it looks like most folks can’t make it, let’s shoot for another time. Cheers!

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Any want to have a Memorial Day BBQ? I’m in Lynnwood. We could do it at my place. You’d be free to bring your kids. @liz @shannon @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom

Do any of y’all listen to RadioLab? If so, I think they did an episode where they talked about the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Do any of you know what episode that was? Thanks!

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Mars in the mists with the Pleiades watching. 05 March 2019. East Valencia, Tucson.

Do y’all ever think we’re a micro prefrontal cortex of the universe? Late to the party and making up reasons why it’s all about us, while we were formed by the universe itself.

Anyone have a link to good Korean spa etiquete? There’s one by my house. When I go I’m never quite sure the unspoken rules.

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I thought this belongs here. It’s an interesting idea... Eve choosing to leave the garden.

I think my house may be haunted. My 3 year old made a complete mess of the upstairs. Twenty minutes later I went back upstairs, it was all cleaned up, and he was the only person up there.

Sometimes I wonder, because I loose all sense of time, if I just fell asleep while meditating.

I’ve been reading two amazing books lately and just got to share them.

Real Queer America by Samantha Allen is a series of profiles of heros living in red states. These folks are so inspiring. I cannot say enough good things or overstate how much they challenge me.

Second, in Braiding Sweetgrass Robin Wall Kimmerer shares such wisdom on life through her perspective as an indigenous botanist. They way she writes is stunningly beautiful. Almost daily I share a passage with a friend.

My small kids and I spent the night in a train depot. I love having these adventures with them, and they have been amazing. We’ve been stuck in train depots together before, and they just seem to rise to the occasion. As a parent I feel like I totally lucked out. (Our train is delayed since it’s been blocked by train that slipped off the tracks.)

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