Any want to have a Memorial Day BBQ? I’m in Lynnwood. We could do it at my place. You’d be free to bring your kids. @liz @shannon @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom

@liz @shannon @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom since it looks like most folks can’t make it, let’s shoot for another time. Cheers!

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@liz @shannon @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom is there a date that would works for folks? Maybe June 8 or 22? I’d still be willing to host.

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@ValR @liz @shannon @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom Of course. That sounds wonderful. I figure any of us that can/want to come should be welcome.

@bduncan @ValR @liz @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom I haven't cleared June 8 with @liz yet, but I'm hopeful. 😛June 22nd, @liz is going to be off enjoying midsummer in Scandinavia (work trip), but I might be able to make that day. (Otherwise, I might be kayaking 🛶 )

@shannon @ValR @liz @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom yay! Let’s plan on June 8. I propose 4:00, unless people object to that. Ill come up with some detail in the next week or so and post them here. Hooray! I’m so excited to meet you all.

@bduncan @shannon @liz @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom We aren't going to be able to make it (end of school year is kicking my butt), BUT I woud love if you all do something like this again, please let me know!

@shannon @ValR @liz @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom would anyone else, who is not tagged here, but would like to join us for our BBQ June 8 at 4:00 in Lynnwood, let me know. I’m going to send out a private message with details this weekend, but I want to make sure everyone is included. Cheers!

@bduncan @shannon @ValR @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom We have a local lit friend who isn't on Mastadon, is it ok if I extend an invite to her?

@bduncan hey Brandon - got a good friend in Everett who would like to connect with you guys. After reading more in the thread, it looks like you won't be having one on Monday? He is not on mastodon but I'm trying to convince him to sign up. 😁 He is married w/ 3 kids.

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