Any want to have a Memorial Day BBQ? I’m in Lynnwood. We could do it at my place. You’d be free to bring your kids. @liz @shannon @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom

@liz @shannon @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom is there a date that would works for folks? Maybe June 8 or 22? I’d still be willing to host.

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@bduncan @ValR @liz @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom I haven't cleared June 8 with @liz yet, but I'm hopeful. 😛June 22nd, @liz is going to be off enjoying midsummer in Scandinavia (work trip), but I might be able to make that day. (Otherwise, I might be kayaking 🛶 )

@shannon @ValR @liz @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom yay! Let’s plan on June 8. I propose 4:00, unless people object to that. Ill come up with some detail in the next week or so and post them here. Hooray! I’m so excited to meet you all.


@shannon @ValR @liz @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom would anyone else, who is not tagged here, but would like to join us for our BBQ June 8 at 4:00 in Lynnwood, let me know. I’m going to send out a private message with details this weekend, but I want to make sure everyone is included. Cheers!

@bduncan @shannon @ValR @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom We have a local lit friend who isn't on Mastadon, is it ok if I extend an invite to her?

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