It is extremely liberating to not pretend that you know things you don't. It also opens you up to a lot more chances to learn shit. It rules

other white dude: I know all the ways I am privileged. I don’t need to hear anymore. No one is telling me what to do, and if they do, some other marginalized person gets upset when i just do what i am told...

How can we best help white males who are trying but feel frustrated when they keep being corrected. I’m just afraid that if we don’t help people with this they will all become Jordan Peterson fans.

@ksmith @vishnu @mike I think that it is more of my once evangelical friends don’t want to be friends with me. That is what I have experienced. And it’s not that evangelicals are bad, just often with an evangelical theology is ingrained the need to convert people. And to be wanted and excepted by them for who I am, means that they are not trying to convert me.

Incredibly oppressive gender identities and sexual descriptions. For those of you who still want to get angry like on Twitter, but want to do it here instead

I am a student who is starting my masters in theology at union in New York next year. I think this theology professor needs to learn a little bit more.

UMC “biblical disobedience” 

My mom’s church dedicated their service yesterday to inclusivity. The pastor proclaimed that “we will practice biblical disobedience...turning over tables if we have to” against this “shameful decision.” My niece (a queer black woman) was in town visiting and took this picture. It meant so much to her to be there.

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