coming out 

@Birdie Thank you for sharing your story. I am in a verrry similar place. Married to my husband 12+ years, two kids. I only recently realized that the way I’ve always viewed the world, places me in the LGBTQ+ community (bi, pan). I’ve shared this with a small handful of people. In doing so, I’ve realized that it’s helpful to share my life experience, and during that process ask them about how theirs compares and only assigning labels later in the conversation, rather than up front.

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coming out 

So I am married to a man and just had the realization last October that I am bi. Part of me feels that if I were to come out to my family they would just ask why it was even important to share if I am already married. Like I made my pick and that’s all there is to it. But the other part of me feels like this has been hiding deep inside me for so long and I need to share it. Any suggestions or stories of coming out would be encouraging. This is the only space I currently am “out.”

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