@visnhu first of all I want to say that I am one of the 5 or 6 people that have apparently really loved these Buddhist episodes. Thank you for them.

Have you read “Why Buddhism is True” by Robert Wright? I am reading a lot and being reminded of your own words on “not-self”. Just wondering if it’s a book you read in your own study.

Anyways, cheers man. Thanks for what you do.

Here was something I saw on Twitter (yes, I'm still there) from @kateleth that reminds me why social media is so great and so garbage.

My littlest nephew who just turned 4 is getting baptized this weekend and my whole family will be there. I'm very ready to support my family because I love them.

I just still have a hard time knowing how to exist in a church. I don't have deep rooted bitterness, I'm just still trying to process where I am, but I know that I am not in that headspace anymore.

Thoughts, prayers, vibes, any of that would be nice. Thanks.

After an entire week buried in snow in Michigan I am HERE FOR THIS SCOTCH.

Happy weekend, y’all.

What's everyone listening to today? I'll go first.

"Mecca" - Wild Beasts

They broke up last year but made some of my favorite music ever. This album, "Present Tense", in particular is brilliant.

I like anything that's dark and brooding sounding, which is basically their entire discography.


Hi friends. I'm Billy. I grew up in an evangelical home and was the poster child for youth group.

Interned at churches through undergrad. Went to Fuller Seminary. Worked in churches in LA, Michigan, and Paris for most of my adult life.

Left Paris abruptly in 2017. Lost sense of self, meaning, faith, etc. Deconstruction accelerated, but this podcast and community has made me feel like I have a place.

Tons more to my story, but happy to continue to connect with you.

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