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Assuming that what you believe
Or think you know about life
And the meaning of it all
Will remain unchanged or constant
Is like writing love letters
In the ocean’s sands
And expecting to come back
With your lover in the morning
And being able to read them

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I wonder if a core issue with white evangelicals engaging in deconstruction is that it's always about them and their role in the universe.

If we are always the focus, rather than what we are a part of, then we must be satisfied in isolation, and I'm not sure we work that way.

But we're often not very good at relationship or community either, and the things that would probably be best for us feel dangerous or scary, because they're outside of our norm.

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@bobt that is the journey. I like to think I am open minded but there are blind spots that I filter the world through.
I know when I get angry at an idea that it offends a world view I hold.
We are not close to perfectly logical creatures.... just trying to make a complicated world make sense.

anybody know if there is search in Mastadon (i.e., search for text in old toots), and if so how to find it?

Unlike many here, I don't consider myself to be deconstructing, as I probably never constructed myself as evangelical in the first place: more a multi/non-denominational follower of God, and see various flavors of Christianity (and other sources of truth) as a great way to learn and experience who or what God is, but I don't see any of them as uniquely having exclusive rights to truth. I'm plugged into both a liberal Lutheran church and an evangelical church right now.

Hi all! finally throwing a bio out ... Married father (even a grandfather now!) here, up outside Portland, Oregon (Washougal, WA for those that have any idea where that is). Engineer/computer guy by day, ADD so can't stick to one hobby: play guitar/bass, garden, raise grapes and hops, turn those grapes and hops into wine and beer in my basement.

@mike Any news on a Portland gathering yet? You had us all excited for about 24 hours a while back!

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