The UMC decision horrifies me. I'm so frustrated at the state of the church. I'm so tired. How can supposed Christians do this to their LGBTQ+ kin? I know Christ is standing on the outsides, with those who have been told they no longer have a place at the table.

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Happy heart day my dudes! Don’t forget to do a communist revolution to celebrate.


Some students at my university and I made a letter to the administration and a petition asking for an image of White Jesus to be removed from our campus. I'm White, and the co-writers of the letter are Chinese American and Mexican. Today, the three of us were publicly shamed via an all-student, faculty, and staff email that implied we were unchristian for publishing a version of the letter in the student newspaper. I'm so done with White power structures.

Looking like grad school isn't in the cards for me this year. Feeling pretty down on myself, and it's really hard as a perfectionist/workaholic to get hit with so many rejections of my academic work. I'll try again next year, but I'm discouraged for sure. Gotten lots of platitudes about God's plans for me, been telling people not to say that for a week or so, after I've had space to let myself be sad.


Ugh. Saw a Christian handout today that read "If you fill your calendar with important appointments you will have no time for God." Is it a cop out to say that God is in everything, and that there is time and space for God in every moment and every thing?


Tonight in my weakly peace prayers meeting we prayed that we could all learn to better love our neighbors, and then I thought about how the earth/environment/creation is also our neighbor. And also how the generations after ours are our neighbors. Why is it so hard for so many Americans to see the earth and the future as neighbors we should love?

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#DearWhitePeople No one wants you to feel guilty. Your fragility is hard enough to deal with without you hamming it up performatively. What we want is for you to acknowledge the systemic advantages you have because of whiteness and maybe even do some work to dismantle those systems that unfairly privilege you.

welcome to my real life pal @hannahmikel who joined after I couldn't stop talking about "The Liturgists Mastadon" which is a crazy phrase to say multiple times in public

Realizing that one thing I really love about this community is that as much as we all love @mike @vishnu @WilliamMatt22 and @hillarymcbride, the community isn't *about* them. This space doesn't feel like a cult of celebrity, it feels like a bunch of people who care about the same questions and have the same wonderings. Already have had so many great convos on here, without even really talking about the podcast itself. Thankful for the humility of the hosts and this space.

Listening to today's TAATR... @mike just said "I can fall asleep in 25 seconds."
As an insomniac with a brain that won't shut up, even when taking melatonin, it generally takes me 20-90 minutes to fall asleep every night, not including the time I spend reading or watching Netflix before actually getting into bed. Can't imagine how nice that must be to just fall asleep so quickly...

As an Enneagram 4, I usually sort of revel in my sadness/disappointments. I love to talk about them, process them, etc.

But today I got rejected from two of the grad schools I applied to, and all I can think is that I'd rather never speak to anyone about this again. Maybe it's because this feels shameful? Any tips from fellow 4s on stopping the shame spiral and the negative self talk?

Anyone else feel vaguely overwhelmed by how much content there is when you leave the platform for a few hours? 😂

Evangelicalism, White Nonsense 

I'm currently a student at an undergraduate evangelical institution, and a group of my peers and I are working to get an image of Jesus as a White man standing on America removed from our campus. We're sending a letter to the administration today, with campus events and a petition to follow. If those of you who are spiritual could pray, and if everyone could send good vibes our way, that would be much appreciated! Hopeful to have this oppressive image removed.

Has anyone else read Willie James Jennings's "The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origin of Race"? Was a game changer for me when I first read two years ago, and am in the midst of rereading right now!

I guess this is my ?

--I'm in the Southern California area. Enneagram 4, INFP, cis/het (she/her/hers). Undergrad student, Episcopalian, thankful for the Liturgists and this platform!

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