Realizing that one thing I really love about this community is that as much as we all love @mike @vishnu @WilliamMatt22 and @hillarymcbride, the community isn't *about* them. This space doesn't feel like a cult of celebrity, it feels like a bunch of people who care about the same questions and have the same wonderings. Already have had so many great convos on here, without even really talking about the podcast itself. Thankful for the humility of the hosts and this space.

@bopie5 @mike @vishnu @WilliamMatt22 @hillarymcbride So much this! I especially appreciate that no one feels the need to control this space or “guide” the conversations here.

@bopie5 @mike @vishnu @WilliamMatt22 @hillarymcbride I wonder in part if this is because many of us are old enough that we grew up without exposure to the personal lives of people with a public presence. You might read a carefully curated book, or hear an occasional interview. Maybe it’s just me but I had no exposure to an sort of “fandom” mindset until studying it in college. I’m grateful I didn’t have social media until adulthood!

@abigail @mike @vishnu @WilliamMatt22 @hillarymcbride Oooh, that's probably true. I'm in my early twenties and I definitely grew up in the "fandom" mindset, which is probably why this feels so refreshing.

@bopie5 @mike @vishnu @WilliamMatt22 @hillarymcbride Absolutely! The people I have met through the Liturgists are quickly becoming close friends. I love the conversations we have here and in person, it feels like home.

@bopie5 @mike @vishnu @WilliamMatt22 @hillarymcbride What I love about this is the fact that I can engage with people without worrying about my thoughts and struggles being displayed for all the internet to see! When I post on FB or Twitter, I have to be very guarded.

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