I have so much trouble with the idea of self care. In theory I understand its importance, but my first instinctual response is disgust and disdain for imaginary people who use the term to justify overindulgence, followed by a feeling that I couldn't possibly have earned anything for myself. Finally I end up in self pity and martyrdom. Anyone relate or have advice sorting out this mess? (Beyond saying I do deserve it or that you can't pour from an empty cup, I know that already)


@Aubrianne I think for me, I've formulated self-care as a mode of resistance to the commodification of my body and labor. What would it mean to do something just because it's fun, or silly, or relaxing, or feels good? What would it mean if I didn't have to spend my time being productive or profitable? What if I equally valued things that made me feel peace as I do things that make me feel useful or like I've contributed? I see healthy self-care with boundaries as reclaiming my body as a being.

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